36V or 48V to 12V Voltage Reducer - Converter 30 Amp

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30Amp Golf Cart Voltage Reducer

A Universal voltage reducer/converter for all 36 volt and 48 volt golf carts. This 30 Amp reducer is great for running golf cart lights, stereo's and otherand other accessories on at the same time. This voltage reducer takes the load of the 36volt or 48volt output from your batteries and reduces/converts to 12 volt outputs. One side of the voltage reducer has the hot and ground coming in from the batteries. The other side of the voltage reducer has the hot and ground going to your accessories. Can be mounted in any dry area in your battery compartment and is fairly easy to install. Voltage reducers offer voltage overload protection, thermal overload protection, handles up to 30 amps of steady current and offers less battery wear. Part Number: VR-04

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