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About Club Car Precedent Golf Carts

A totally new concept in golf cars. Redesigned from the ground up with new materials, new technology and attention to every detail. It's rounded but sharp. Quick, responsive and IQ smart. Easy to understand why we say "See it. Drive it. Then you'll know."

SportsDrive Handling and Suspension

Exclusive A-plate independent suspension provides the industry's smoothest, most reliable ride with longer service life and lower repair costs during ownership. Superior vehicle control yields greater safety and longer tire wear. Plus double-ended rack and pinion steering provides the feel and control of power steering. Maintenance-free and smoother steering too. With the industry's tightest turning radius for great maneuverability and parkability.

AlumiCore Chasis

The strength of a vehicle lies in its frame. This is one tough frame. Exclusive aluminum frame is more rustproof and corrosion resistant than any competing model. Ladder-style box beam design gives superior strength and improved handling and ride. Lighter weight modular design cuts energy costs and increases battery life while yielding double the torsional rigidity.


Exclusive canopy drainage system eliminates standing water and flood-like effects at vehicle takeoff during those Arizona downpours. Interior handle increases comfort and safety for everyone, especially the passenger.

360 Degree Bumper

Club Car outthinks the competition again with a high-impact 360 degree bumper that cuts vehicle damage and increases trade-in value. Both front and rear are rated for 5 mph impacts.

Battery System Improved 48V

Longer battery life, greater energy efficiency, and more power. Six-eight volt batteries anchor today's Club Car 48Volt system. They provide power and range 15-30% greater than the competition. System resistance is cut by a third, generating less heat and better electrical system reliability. Rate of discharge is reduced too.

IQ Technology On-Board Computers

Programmable performance and increased torque for best-in-class hill climbing. The Next Generation of golf cars created by Club Car, the industry's engineering leader. King of Carts - Golf Cart Superstore (843) 650-2497 

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