Golf Cart Blem Batteries

Blem batteries are sold by Battery Manufacturers to their largest dealers and distributors and carry the same warranty as New (non-blem batteries) but at a lower cost.   It is easy to identify blem batteries on your golf cart, just check the top of the battery and the letter B or the word Blem will be noted on the battery.  These batteries will normally have a blemish on the side or top of the battery, the label may be damaged or original testing on the battery indicated a low tolerance range.  These batteries are then repaired to make them acceptable tolerances and marked Blem by the Manufacturer.  You will find that Blem batteries operate and function as good as and as long as new batteries but at a lower price. All battery manufacturers have Blem batteries including Trojan, Interstate, Crown, Full River and Powertron. King of Carts - Golf Cart Superstore (843) 650-2497 

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