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  • Using a jack, raise the front of the golf cart. Be sure to place jack stands on each side of the front end.
  • Use a socket to loosen the lug nuts on the front end and then remove both front wheels.
  • Loosen and remove the tie rods.
  • Using a socket, loosen the bolts on the factory spindles and then remove the tie rods and spindles.
  • Install the new spindles. Replace the tie rods and wheel hubs. This is also a good time to re-lubricate any joints.
  • Adjust the wheel alignment, following the instructions in the Jake’s Lift Kit.


  • Using a jack, raise the rear of the golf cart. Be sure to use both jack stands to support the back end.
  • Remove the bolts from the bottom of the shocks at the axle.
  • If you are working with a gas-powered cart, remove the ground straps from the starter.
  • Using the jack to support the axle, remove the U-bolts and then remove the leaf spring.
  • Reinstall the leaf spring using the new and longer U-bolts. Carefully tighten all the bolts.
  • Install the shocks to the U-bolt plates and tighten.

A Word About Tire Installation

  • If you have installed a six-inch Jake’s Lift Kit with the original leaf springs, you can add tires that measure 22” x 11” x 10” or 22” x 11” x 12”.


If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to contact one of our Club Car or Yamaha factory-certified technicians. We’d be happy to walk you through the process. Just give us a call at (843) 650-2497 

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