The differences between 36V and 48V Golf Carts

Determining how many volts your golf cart uses is as easy as counting the water fill caps on all of your batteries. 

If you have six 6 volt batteries your golf cart is a 36 volt cart, if you have six 8 volt batteries or four 12 volt batteries your golf cart is a 48 volt cart.

Electric golf car motors have a life span of anywhere from 5000 to 8000 hours and then can be rebuilt for 25% of the cost of a gas golf car engine. Electric motors for golf cars, however, are very similar, regardless of brand.  

The 48 volt golf carts use one third less amperage than the 36 volt system and are more efficient. Batteries Each battery has a stamp which indicates the month and year it was manufactured. Batteries last from 3 to 8 years under normal circumstances. The maintenance of the battery water to one half inch over the plates is the ideal level. The amount of charging cycles also determines the life of a battery. Each time the batteries are charged equals one cycle. Batteries should be charged at the end of each day of use even if they are used for as little as five minutes that day or all day. When batteries are replaced they should be replaced in a complete set.

Golf Carts with 48 volt systems get longer battery life than golf carts with 36 volt systems.

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