Golf Cart Lift Kit - EZGO TXT - 5 Inch Drop Axle Lift Kit

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5" Drop Axle Lift Kit. Will fit E-Z-Go® TXT® Golf Carts.

Fits E-Z-Go® TXT® model years 2001.5 and newer. Kit includes 5" drop axle, new spindles, rear lift blocks, all additional suspension mounting brackets and hardware, and full color step-by step instructions. *Warning -Modifications to standard golf carts increases risk of personal injury or death. King of Carts nor any of its suppliers are responsible for any injuries or damages resulting from modification to the standard golf cart. Golf cars are designed by manufacturers to travel at speeds of 12 miles per hours and not have lift kits installed. Modifications my cause it to handle much differently and therefore become a possible hazard. Always use caution when driving a lifted golf cart and use sound mechanical practices when modifying and riding your cart to help ensure the safest ride possible. Enjoy your cart and be safe! Part Number: KL-5
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