Breezeasy Golf Cart Fan Blower

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Breezeasy 12 Volt Blower

Mounts under dash or on the top. Produces anincredible 310 cubic feet per minute,with maximum amp draw of 9 amps/12-volts or 7 amps/24-volts. Has a 3 speed switch and automotive quality louvered vents. Comes with mount. Does not come with Voltage reducer which is recommended.

Detailed Fan Features and Specifications:

  • Manufactured, assembled, and designed in the United States of America.
  • Designed to TecScan specifications by a leading auto industry designer and veteran plastics and modeling engineers.
  • The best compact blower system in an affordable, easy to use design. BREEZeasy Portable Install - Golf Car Fan
  • A unique, adaptable, structure reinforcing, mounting system makes for easy installations.
  • Durable, injection-molded, ABS plastic housing and brackets in a soft-tone finish.
  • Computer designed, direct tuned air intakes maximize cooling air flow.
  • Neoprene motor mounts reduce noise.
  • Dual, 4-direction air-flow louvers.100% tested motors, designed for high use and low amp draw.
  • 4 position switch with plated-copper terminals.
  • 12 foot heavy-duty power cable with waterprooffuse.
  • Maximum Flow Output: 310 cubic feet per minute.
  • Base Measurements: 4 1/2"H x 14 3/4"W x 7"D
Main number Surfside Beach:
(843) 650-2497
Main number Ft. Wayne:
(260) 434-2446