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Batteries Contain Lead and Other Hazardous Materials Most Golf Cart and Boat batteries are Lead Acid Batteries.  Scrap lead-acid batteries can be safely recycled.  Imagine the environmental damage that can be caused by discarding 18 pounds of lead, 2 pounds of plastic and 1 gallon of acid – the average contents of a lead acid battery.

Fortunately, these have been recycled since the 1920. Recycling-battery King of Carts recycles most 6 volt, 8 volt and 12 volt lead-acid batteries to help ensure they are safely handled.  Do your part to keep our community clean and safeguard the environment for future generations by bringing us your used industrial, agricultural, commercial, automotive, marine and other small engine lead-acid batteries (6v, 8v or 12v) for safe and environmentally friendly recycling. (King of Carts does this as a service and does not charge for recycling nor do we pay for used batteries.) If you would like to purchase new batteries we will however give you a core credit. Please note that used batteries are often not completely dead.  If you group these batteries together they may become live if they make contact with each other or other objects which creates safety risks.

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