Why Do Golf Cart Prices Change?

Golf Cart Price’s

Used Golf carts are sourced from locations throughout the United States where they come off of lease from golf courses, theme parks, rental fleets or resorts.  King of Carts strives to purchase premium golf carts from the Mid-West and Northern regions of the USA because these vehicles have lower use due to climate conditions.  The golf carts are then brought to one of our refurbishing facility and taken down to the frame and refurbished with a combination of new and quality (tested) used parts.

club car wholesale distributor of golf course golf carts

The prices that we sell golf carts for fluctuates depending on the following:

  • Location and freight charges to get golf carts to our refurbishing facilities.
  • Pricing on golf carts from
  • Some golf carts come with batteries that are just a year or two old and have a greater service life.
  • Some golf carts require complete battery change outs.
  • Parts and accessories installed on the golf cart.

King of Carts provides pricing on golf carts based on these criteria and then pass the savings onto customers.  If you have any questions concerning golf cart pricing and availability we encourage you to call us or email sales@kingofcarts.net.