Golf Cart Safety Grab Bar and Hitch Combo

golf cart trailer hitch grab bar combo

Grab Bar, Receiver & Hitch For Golf Car Rear Seat Kits

This kit gives you the best of both worlds, with a grab bar to hold on to for safety and a rear hitch for towing.

Bolts on direct to most rear seat foot rest plates with a few holes drilled.

Mounting measurements are 10-3/4″” from the outside of the “L” channels on the hitch

The bolt spread is 5″ between the left & right bolt hole centers.

  •  Hitch Assembly includes Hitch, Receiving Bar & Pins
  •  Hardware Included
  •  Strong & Durable

Will fit flip rear seats made by MadJax, Nivel, Red Hawk and Factory One, as well as other models.


Part Number: GBTHC